Odour Elimination In Homes

Odour Elimination In Homes In Surrey
Odour Elimination In Homes In Surrey

Odour elimination in homes has been a huge problem since the first time domestic animals were welcomed into huts or tents.  I’m not saying that all odours are caused by animals, it’s just that these days our most well loved dogs and cats stay home alone.   We envision them lying around sleeping, waiting for us to come home.  Sadly this is not the case, in fact our dogs and cats so want our time and attention that they will get up to mischief while we are gone, its like children when our heads are turned.

Sadly we are served up with some of the worst kind of surprises when we return home.  A cat that starts peeing in a corner, we wonder why it could as the litter box is clean and close at paw.  ATTITUDE!  And once our cuddly new little kitten or full grown cute as a button cat has started urinating in the corner the whole room becomes free game as it’s personal litter box.  Not to mention if you have another feline it’s likely it too will compete.

Odour Elimination in Homes

The supermarket and pet stores have shelves of cat urine remover, and chances are you or your neighbour have tried them all with little or no success.  Next the carpet cleaner shows promise with his high power equipment and with it his high powered odour removers.  Sadly though the cleaning industry seems very limited in it’s abilities also, carpet cleaners have their hands tied because they can only use what they can purchase and most of that just leaves behind a fragrance that often smells almost as bad as the original problem.

Now there is a remedy, a real GUARANTEED 100% way to get rid of cat urine odours!  Using the Just Gone Odour removal system I can GUARANTEE complete odour removal or you don’t pay.  It doesn’t take long either, first I’ll lift the carpet where the offending odour is, remove the underlay and treat the floor and backing of the carpet with liquid Chlorine Dioxide to eliminate the odour.  Next I’ll treat the fuzzy side of the carpet and leave the carpet to dry.  The very next day I’ll return and replace the underlay, re-install the carpet and treat the carpet again with chlorine dioxide.

WARNING:  when the carpet is lifted stand back, all the odour that has been trapped under the carpet wafts into the air and is overpowering.  After treating the floor and the carpet the odour will be gone, the rinsing after the re-installation is just to make sure the carpet is free of any remaining urine and to treat it again once all the urine has been rinsed out.  As you know urine odours flair up again once moisture is added and when heat is added, so after the rinsing is complete and you still don’t smell the urine you’ll know the urine odour is completely gone, at least until your mischievous little furball can have her way again.

This odour removal process works well also when it’s not your cat that does the dirty, dogs, ferrets and unfortunately those of us with weak bladders.  So if you have any of these troubles in your home give us a call at 604-581-3480 and will make your home smell wonderful again.

Thanks,  Chris

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