How to remove odours from your car in Vancouver

If you have spilled anything in your car you will want to know how to remove odours from your car?  Everyone looks up on the internet the “how to” or their friend’s advice, but for some odours in your car there isn’t an easy or quick fix.

The How To Remove Odours From Your Car

There is no point crying over spilt milk, unless you spilled it in your car that is, the fermenting milk odour will bring tears to your eyes.  Only one of many of the odours we routinely get in our cars accidentally, gasoline odours in the trunk of your car will stink for months.  A child sick in the back seat of your car, the vomit odour will also bring tears to your eyes, and it also seems to take forever to remove the odour.  Selling your car and you’re a smoker?  You can almost forget selling the car to anyone but another smoker no matter how beautiful the car is because cigarette smoke odour makes none smokers gag.  If you have any of these odours in your car check out our page at for all the information of how to remove odours from your car in a hurry.

If you wait too long odours in your car will make you sick

How to Remove Odours from Your Car
How to Remove Odours from Your Car

Now there is a solution to any remove any unpleasant odours from your car with a simple phone call.  I’ll explain to you exactly how the odour will be removed, all the steps we take and when you decide in one hour any and all odours can be completely removed from the carpet, upholstery, trunk and head liner of your car.  Just give Chris a call at 604-314-4211 and together we’ll get the little stinker.