Cat Urine Odour Removal, the Worst Odour In the House

Cat urine odour removal is one of the hardest odours to remove in any house.  It’s not that your cat is deliberately fouling your home, instinct has it go back to the same spot repeatedly and have another go.  Pet store remedies to cat odour removal are ineffective at best and unfortunately the next place we all turn is the carpet cleaner to remove cat urine odour.  Unfortunately because the suppliers to the carpet cleaners have not found a guaranteed odour removal product the cleaning rarely helps.

No Need to Rip Out the Carpet Because of Cat Urine Odour Removal

Cat urine odour removal
Not all cats that cause cat urine odours look like this

Yes, the carpet must be cleaned to remove cat urine odour, but not in the way most carpet cleaners will clean it.  The carpet must be rinsed thoroughly and repeatedly to remove the cat urine odour, until the yellow urine colour has been completely flushed from the carpet the offending urine salts in the carpet  will continue to smell.  This takes more time than the typical carpet cleaning of the rest of your carpet, and only then can the cat urine odour removal process begin.

If you are this far you know that the cat urine odour is even worse when the carpet is wet than when it was dry.  Cat urine soaked carpet will also stink worse when in the heat of direct sunlight.

Next step to cat urine removal is to lift the carpet off the tack strip that holds the carpet around the edge of the carpet.  The underlay must be removed and disposed of because it is essentially a sponge which will absorb a lot of cat urine.  Once the underlay is removed the floor and backing of the carpet must be treated to remove the cat urine odour.  (this is where we come in with Chlorine Dioxide treatment to completely remove the cat urine odour)   Sometimes the bottom of the wall and in the heating vent must be cleaned also.

Next the top surface of the carpet can be treated to remove the cat urine odour.  The room will smell completely different at this point, the cat urine odour has been removed.  Now the whole room can be left to dry before the carpet can be re-installed.

Reconstruction of the Room

When the carpet is dry new underlay can be re-installed, then the carpet stretched into place.  Often the work completed up to now will have removed the cat urine odour.  Sometimes more work is required to completely remove the odour.  It all depends how many times the cat has used the same spot as the litter box.  Have no fear the cat urine odour can be completely removed, sometimes it just requires a little more effort.  For more information see our page on cat urine odour removal.

If this seems overwhelming to you, just know most homeowners feel this way, give me a call and I’ll answer all your questions about cat urine odour removal and arrange a time to give you a quote.

Thanks,  Chris