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Need Odour Removal and Allergy Relief Vancouver Canada?  We can help!  Dogs have a strong sense of smell. They are attracted to the most horrific odours like dog turds, goose poop and other objectionable (to humans) scents they can find in their Vancouver and Surrey neighborhoods. Once they locate a smell that appeals to them, they are known to roll around in it until such time when they have absorbed enough of that stink to feel comfortable with.

When they finally head home, they love to share their new found smelly scents with other members of their family by rolling around on the carpet, the couch and doggie bed to mark their territory with their version of a terrific scent that distinguishes their living space from that of other creatures that happen to share their environment. Lucky us, we can all share the offensive odours they bring home to us. It’s comforting to them, but not so much to us humans. Thankfully, the finest odour removal and allergy relief is available for homes in Vancouver, Canada.

We may not appreciate a dog’s sanitary habits and the way they gravitate towards many of the worst odours, we humans do much the same in that we constantly add our favorite smells to our dens. Those odours that we roll in are not as offensive as a dog’s (at least in our estimation), but in their own way, they mark our territory and our bodies with definite odours much like our canine friends do.

In time, our conglomeration of fragrances made up of numerous “substances” like our perfume, hair sprays, deodorants and sweet smelling detergents, etc, combined with various aromatic cooking odours such as garlic, curry and other notable spices join together to create our own distinctive home odor and embed themselves in our homes to create our own distinctive household odour that marks our personal space in our territory. Fortunately for us humans, to spread it, we are not required to roll around in the odour like our dog would. We become accustomed to those scents and hardly notice them, but our visiting friends and neighbors certainly do.

While we may be impervious to the batch of scents embedded deep in our home, other members of our household could develop serious allergic reactions to those scents. That can explain the constant wheezing, itchy eyes, sneezing and congestion some family members go through. Fortunately, the Vancouver Odour Removal and Allergy Relief Company has a solution that will eliminate those unhealthy problems completely.

The approach we use to eliminate those problems is Chlorine Dioxide. Our company ha upgraded an older version of the process first discovered in the early 1800s. We have packaged it in an easy to use system that anyone can safely use.

CLO2, or Chlorine Dioxide is safe and 100 percent effective. It is and guaranteed to remove all of your offensive odors. Unlike competitors, our process does more than mask unpleasant smells with strong perfumed fragrances. CLO2 gets to the source of the odor and kills the bacteria which cause odors. It works against the worst of all foul odours, skunk. If you or your dog have ever been sprayed by one, you will no doubt agree on how serious the consequences are.

Applying this CLO2 product is a snap. Our technicians developed an easy delivery method that distributes the product evenly throughout your home.

Our advanced technology incorporates the common elements-Chlorine and Oxygen into CLO2, or Chlorine Dioxide in a combination that is safe and 100 percent effective. It is guaranteed to remove all your offensive odours and allergens. Unlike competitors, our process does more than mask unpleasant smells with strong perfumed fragrances. CLO2 searches for the source of the odor (bacteria) and kills it. It works against the mother of all foul odours- skunk, as bad an odour as you might ever encounter.

Over the years, CLO2 has been used to purify municipal water systems, and sanitize hospitals. It has been used successfully against dangerous anthrax attacks by terrorists. As more uses are found, the product has many new useful applications outside the home in places like such as:

rental homes and cottages
apartment buildings
offices where groups of people work in close quarters
public buildings
motel and hotel rooms

We absolutely guarantee that we will remove all odours from house fires, cigarette, marijuana and cigar smoke, pet odours, especially cat urine and skunks, mildew and mold odours and the acidic smell of urine.

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Those of us who suffer from allergies, asthma, emphysema or other respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression, multiple chemical sensitivity, or stress induced illnesses are usually more sensitive to odours and will fully appreciate the effectiveness of this remarkable odor and allergen control system. Some studies even suggest a link between strong odours and Alzheimer’s. If your home is overwrought with a nasty odour, chances are it will require more than a thorough cleaning, a good scrub down and a dousing of chemical odor killers to clear the air and stop any diseases from spreading.

The Advanced CLO2 powered system is a remarkably effective odour and allergen control process that is being used in a growing number of key operations where those problems exist.

Athletic Facilities are often a source of strong bacteria based odors. Older methods of eliminating the odor causing bacteria such as wiping down gym equipment after use only helps spread the odours but not eliminate them. Vancouver Odour Service is 100 percent guaranteed to stop odors, eliminate bacteria and destroy their breeding grounds.

The process will kill odors and germs on the equipment used in typical athletic facilities and do it very cost effectively. Say goodbye to smelly locker rooms and horrible smelling equipment, like the typical items listed below.

• Exercise equipment
• Gym mats
• Showers
• Steam rooms
• Saunas
• Locker rooms
• Walls and floors
• Swimming pool and hot tub tiled areas
• Waiting rooms
• Massage tables, equipment and rooms
• Athletic protection equipment, such as football helmets, shoes, and pads

Auto, RV and Boat Dealerships

Dealers have a tough time selling used cars, boats or RVs that smell bad. The worst long embedded odors left in vehicles is tobacco smoke, but there are many other odours like mildew, rotting meat or other protein matter as well as urine and in the case of RVs, the occasional skunk.

When and if those smelly autos, boats and RVs are finally sold, they are usually sold at a huge discount. The remarkable Chlorine Dioxide product allows a dealer to completely deodorize a car, boat or RV in an hour or less leaving only a fresh smell and no offending odours. Happy customers mean higher profits.

Daycare and Preschool Facilities

Young, vulnerable kids are exposed continuously to viruses and bacteria in their school environment. When they assemble in groups, their chances to spread childhood’s more common diseases increase as they unwittingly pass on their germs to one another. Our area exclusive CLO2 System effectively stops the cycle by removing 100% of all unhealthy organisms, germs and viruses for over 45 days.

Healthcare Facilities

Vancouver Odour Removal System offers medical facilities a better, more efficient way to sanitize their facilities. It is ideal for controlling contagious infections in areas where carriers congregate, especially in hospitals, surgical centers doctor’s offices, clinics and dental facilities.

Healthcare facilities are hotbeds of bacterial activity. Normal cleaning may slow the spread of these harmful germs, but there are times when they can get out of control. Outbreaks of contagious infections can be accelerated where people who have these diseases congregate, like at doctor’s offices, and clinics.

A call to our Vancouver office can soon have all your odour and allergen problems resolved and your facility ready for patients in 24 hours, free of Ebola, C Diff Hepatitis, MRSA, Bacterial E.Coli, Legionella and scores of other dangerous viruses

Real Estate Professionals

Vancouver Odor and Allergen Removal Services can work wonders for real estate agents in Vancouver. Our product can be an effective tool for progressive realtors to use in their sales kit.

A home with an odor issue can languish unsold for long periods. No one wants to live in a home full of another family’s cooking odors, cigarette smoke or the acrid aroma of cat urine or marijuana, especially if there is a solution available. To make a profitable sale, agents should consider deodorizing and sanitizing their listing so that it smells fresh and inviting. A small investment in the process can increase a home’s overall appeal and its market price. That means more $$$ for the selling agent.

Rental Properties Odour Removal

If you own rental properties, you can set yourself apart from competing rental agencies. To do so, it is important that you keep that property fresh and inviting if you want to keep that property rented and adding to your cash flow. An apartment with a lingering odour from a previous tenant is not an option if you are serious about renting it. Our amazing odour removal product is guaranteed to be 100 percent effective against the toughest odours which include:
cigarette smoke odour
cooking odours, curry odours
marijuana odours, especially if your home was used as a grow op
mold/mildew and musty odours
animal urine odours

Our process is quick and certainly affordable, great selling points for rental agencies and individual landlords. Best of all, an odorless, sanitary facility is easier to rent without lowering rental fees.

We are extremely proud of our work and appreciate the positive comments from our customers in Canada. We invite you to look over our many heart warming customer reviews and comments that can be found on our website www.odourremovalvancouver.ca

This incredible process is changing thee way we remove pet urine odours, smoke odours and remove all other odours, regardless of their origin. We vare living up to our promise to make Vancouver and Surrey smell great again. Give us a try, the proof lies in the clean fresh air you will smell and the absolute lack of horrible odours and allergens in your home.

We provide professional Odour Removal and Allergy Relief Vancouver Canada!

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