Odour Removal to Sell Your Home

It is common for everyone to repair and replace everything you can see when listing your home to sell. What about what you can smell, hence odour removal to sell your home. Yes the realtors will tell you to repaint, clean and repair carpets because that is the first thing that people see when they walk into your home, but what about what they smell? If you have a cat, is there a lingering urine odour in the air that perhaps your nose has gotten used to and no longer smells? And those of us who own dogs won’t even smell the “wet dog” odour because we love our dogs and have also gotten used to it.

Odour Removal In Homes For Sale
Odour Removal In Homes For Sale

Cigarette smoke odour can make some people physically ill, and the fear of having to clean, paint and replace carpet because of cigarette smoke odour will be enough to lose many potential sales. Cooking odours is also another odour we take for granted that everyone eats like we do, sometimes vegetartans will notice last nights steak dinner with curried rice. HAVE NO FEAR, ALL THESE ODOURS CAN BE REMOVED QUICKLY!

The proven use of CLO2 (chlorine dioxide) in both the liquid and gaseous state will quickly and easily have your home smelling like no has ever smoked in it. If cooking odour persist … they will be eliminated. Cat and dog odour problems gone like they were never there. And if you previous tennants left you this odour problem when they left, you can have it eliminated quickly and ready for the next new tennant almost overnight.

Don’t let this odious odour be a problem for you! Call Chris at 604-581-3480 and get your odour removed once and for all, with a guarantee no one else will give you. Odour removal guaranteed, or you don’t pay.