Where Skunks Go To Die?

Do you know where skunks go to die?  Recently during a call to remove skunk odour I discovered where skunks go to die, underneath your back porch/sundeck.  Or more correctly from under someone’s neighbour’s porch, see the picture and imagine just how uncomfortable it would be if a skunk died and sprayed under your deck.

Dead Skunk Odour Removal
Dead Skunk Odour Removal

It was uncomfortable to even walk across the deck without wearing a full face respirator.  The odour lingers, and lingers, and finds it’s way into your home and lingers there.

Ok, now we know where skunks go to die, how do you get rid of the odour that remains and won’t go away.  After donning a tyvek suit and a full face respirator just to climb under this deck, the whole area was treated (wood, rocks, dirt and house wall) with a very strong solution of liquid CLO2 to kill the odour.

Next the whole deck was wrapped with plastic to contain the next necessary step, which was setting up CLO2 in a vapour form to completely remove any remaining odour.  This step takes time, a full twenty four hours, and the plastic was left in place for two days to make sure no vapour escaped, and giving sufficient time for the CLO2 to work it’s magic and completely remove all the offending odour.Skunk Odour Removal Step

Complete success, after the vapour process was complete I was able to get under the deck without a respirator and there wasn’t the slightest hint of skunk odour remaining.  The home owner was extremely happy (read his testimonial on the testimonial page) and the neighbours even thanked me when they realized what had been completed as they had been smelling it also.  This process will also work very effectively if a skunk somehow gets into your home and sprays, it has been proven successful both outdoors and inside homes.  Do not be swayed by others to replace the entire inside furnishings and drywall, there is an easier and faster way to remediate this problem.


Dead Skunk Odour Removal