Cat Urine Odour in Carpets

Removing cat urine odour in carpets is a challenging mission, but a very doable one.  There is definitely a step by step procedure that must be followed which will take four or five days and for a short time the cat urine odour will get worse before getting better.

It’s all worth it to completely get rid of the odour and not have to replace the carpet.  So with the difficulty to remove the stink I would not recommend doing it yourself, the products I have seen available are a waste of money!  Often I show up at a cat urine job and the homeowner has spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter remedies, and the internet always has it share of home made remedies that have been tried and proven not to work.

Eliminating the odour takes lifting the carpet and removing urine contaminated underlay, treating the carpet multiple times and even cleaning and treating the floor.  Both cement and wood floors have to be cleaned and sealed to ensure the odour does not remain.

Cat Urine Stains on Carpet Backing

Have a look to the right at what cat urine looks like on the bottom of the carpet.  After proper treatment to remove the odour the stains seen here on the carpet backing will disappear.

Cat Urine Contaminated Underlay

See the stain on the underlay in the picture to the left?  The only way to remove the urine odour from underlay is to cut out the underlay and replace it with new.  This is the least expensive and most cost effective way to deal with the soiled underlay.

Floors must also be cleaned, treated to remove the cat urine odour and then sealed to make sure no odour leaks through for you or your trusty feline to smell and re-visit the area.  Often the tack strip that holds the carpet stretch is removed and thrown away also, another quick and inexpensive fix.

Finally after all the work above new underlay can be installed and the carpet re-stretched back in and you have an odour free room again – GUARANTEED!