Extreme Cigarette Odour Removal From Condo

Cigarette smoke odour removal is one of the most often service requested locally.  Often these are quick 24 hour jobs with a simple quick wipe of the walls and a treatment requiring the use of chlorine dioxide in a gaseous vapour.  This time it took much more!  Not only were the walls needing more than just a wipe, the ceiling required a lot of attention and the floors did also.


You can see the difference that was made just washing the walls which is the necessary first step when someone has smoked for a long time in any home or suite.  This one required more!



A lady had lived in this suite for 10 years and had rarely left.  This suite required the heavy cleaning you can imagine with a special cleaner that we use with chlorine dioxide right in the  cleaner so the walls, floors and ceiling was already thoroughly treated before the major treatment.

After the thorough cleaning this suite received it did not release the cigarette smoke odour the first time it was treated with the gaseous vapour treatment.  It required a second treatment . . . then the odour was completely removed, much to the satisfaction of the owner and the neighbouring tenants and suite owners who had regularly complained of the odour that traveled the halls in into their suites.  This truly was and extreme cigarette smoke odour removal!  If this can be successfully removed your problem will definitely be removed.

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