I Forgot a Pot of Soup On My Stove, Now My House Stinks!

Does your house stink because you forgot a pot simmering on your stove top?  So common an occurrence you should not feel badly.  At least once a month I get a call like this, usually after the homeowner has expended a great deal of time, energy and money trying every remedy they could find on the internet. Having lived with the odour for weeks, or sometimes months before giving up and making a call that will get their home odour free within 24 HOURS!

Kitchen Odour MakerThe best examples of situations that have resulted in our odour removal service for forgotten cooking mishaps – making soup from soup bones and left the home with it simmering, came back hours later to find the house full of smoke.  Boiling eggs and leaving the home is another one, I’ve been told the smoke in the house was so thick you almost cannot find your kitchen, and oh did it stink.  Cooked steak or pork chops where one was removed for eating and the other left to keep warm on low.  Left so long while sitting on the patio outside that the whole house smells like a cooked pig pen.

Overcooked food in the oven will stink your home too!

Overcooked turkeyKitchen odours are not restricted to overcooking on the stove top, imagine how forgetting your turkey in the oven would ruin thanksgiving.  Never happen right.

Have no fear, with a quick call your home will be odour free in 24 hours or less.  If you would like an idea of how this is done before you call, click here and watch our video that gives you an overview of how the odour procedure is completed.  Sometimes it is necessary to do a little more than what you see in the video to ensure complete odour removal, and having smaller and larger doses of chlorine dioxide that can be used to make your home odour free no matter what the size.

This has worked everytime for others and it will work for you too.  Call Chris at 604-581-3480!