A Skunk Jumped Into My Car And Rode Home With Me!!!

Skunk Odour RemovalWell, not exactly, it was a lovable young dog named Petunia who was not quite as lovable after a romp in the park with a skunk!

This is what I faced returning home at 7:30PM after a grueling day at the odour removal mines, and a time limit to get the odour gone.

One and a half hours later the odour in the car was gone and the lady was driving away, sorry to report that Petunia wasn’t fragrance free, so before the lady drove away I quickly suggested our bottle of “Pet Odour Remover.”  Last report Petunia was again allowed to ride in the car and enter the home.

Even though the car had already been detailed earlier in the week and the lovable Petunia had suffered much with every concoction the Dr Google could suggest I’m extremely happy we were able to help out.