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We all love our pets – but not all the odours that come along with sharing a home with them.  Anyone that has owned a dog knows that a wet dog smells like, well . . .  a wet dog.  And when that wet dog is in your home your home smells like a wet dog too.

What Cat Urine Looks Like Under Your Carpet

The pictures to the left are of a room where a cat thought it was its litter box.  When cats mark their territory it could be anywhere.  The carpet here was lifted and the underlay removed.  The treatment could start then, the floor was treated and sealed to prevent any odour coming from the floor.  The urine odour was then completely removed from the carpet, new underlay installed and the carpet re-stretched – and the room is Odour FREE!

Cat urine is one of the worst odours in a house

There is no hiding cat urine odour and no masking it, if you’ve had this problem in your home you know there are no effective home remedies for your cat’s nasty little urine problem.   Up until now when you had cat urine odours in your home you would call a carpet cleaner to do the best he could with admittedly limited tools designed for the carpet cleaning industry.  Pet store solutions are limited also because no store wants the risk of selling super strong “chemicals” to risk your health.  The deodourizers most stores sell simply cover odours with other scents that could still risk your pet’s health.  The active ingredient in most air fresheners temporarily combine with odours to add a pleasant smell, but break down with time or moisture.  They don’t work!

Pet Odour Removal Company
Pet Odour Removal Company

100% Guarantee of Successfull Odour Removal
or pay nothing!

The use of Chlorine Dioxide in liquid or gas will completely eliminate the worst odours your animal can dish up.  It is so effective it will eliminate skunk spray, far worse than our domestic animals odours!  It works so much better at eliminating cat and dog odours it can be guaranteed or you pay nothing!

Also able to completely remove odours from ferrets, rabbits, birds, hamsters, cats, dogs and skunks.  Even if you have odours where you cat’s litter box lives, there is an inexpensive odour remover for there.  Wet dog odours also have an inexpensive odour removal as well as rabbit cages, birds cages and hamster cages.

Cat Odour Removal Company
Cat Odour Removal Company

The product used to remove these horrid odours is the same  product and disinfecting level used to clean and sanitize colostomy cameras in hospitals!

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