Rental Property Odour Removal

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Major rental property odour removal headaches are:

  1. cigarette smoke odour
  2. cooking odours, curry odours
  3. overcooked or burnt food odours
  4. marijuana odours, especially if your home was used as a grow op
  5. mold/mildew and musty odours
  6. animal urine odours
Rental Property Odour Removal
Rental Property Odour Removal

Everyone who owns rental properties is concerned about musty or pungent odours in their properties when attempting to get them rented and occupied quickly.  Getting a rental property ready to re-rent as quickly and easily as possible with little fuss is very important.  If you have had little or no success removing nasty odours in the past you already know you need more than just a standard cleaning system.  What you need is an advanced system that uses a safe and effective process that sanitizes and deodorizes the whole home without harmful, toxic chemicals or fragrances, and does it quickly and easily!

Guaranteed Removal Of the Odours…or pay nothing!

If the nastiest odour complaints are not enough and you own a rental home, remember marijuana use will soon be legal.   When the tenants move out the marijuana odour will be hard to remove even if it wasn’t a grow op, this nasty odour will not be acceptable to you or your next tenant.

Eliminate Marijuana Odours
Eliminate Marijuana Odours

Up until now these noxious odours were removed using very labour intensive methods including repainting every wall and ceiling in the house as well as cleaning the carpets.  When that didn’t succeed a long and expensive treatment using “ozone” and recently “hydroxyls”  was used, yes they work somewhat.  Trouble is it takes time, a lot of time to get effective odour removal.  The use of Chlorine Dioxide in liquid or gas will safely and effectively eliminate all odours in a fraction of the time.

Get the job done right, quickly and economically!

Without the use of harsh toxic chemicals or fragrances that cover up the odour, and without the use of time consuming manual wiping or rinsing.  All non-porous and porous surfaces like carpet, drapes or clothes can be sanitized removing a multitude of odours without leaving behind any harmful residue.  And an added benefit, it also removes germs, allergens and indoor contaminants.  The use of chlorine dioxide in liquid and/or gaseous vapour will completely eliminate the worst odours your tenant can dish up.  It is so effective it will eliminate skunk spray, far worse than our domestic animals odours or cigarette smoke!  It works so well at eliminating odours it can be guaranteed or you pay nothing!

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Cigarette Smoke and
Cat Urine Odour Removal

Before Rob and Ingrid moved into a suite where the previous tenant smoked they needed malodours removed.  The cigarette smoke odour hit you as the suite door was opened and there was cat urine odours in the carpet in the master bedroom closet.  Both odours were removed and they happily moved into their new home!

Cigarette Odour Removal Testimonial

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