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100% Guaranteed Pet Odour Removal

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Why Choose Odour Removal Pro

Why Choose Odour Removal Pro

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Pet Odour Removal Service In Vancouver

An experienced pet odour removal service company we able to eliminate any and all indoor pet odours. We’ve all seen our dog drag its ass across the carpet. So if the dog uses the carpet as toilet paper, it’s only natural that your carpet will start to smell like a toilet. We guarantee 100% odour removal, no matter how strong the smell is, within 1-24 hours, or you don’t pay us a dime.

  • Pet odours are much different than urine odours. If you are a dog lover and you live with a dog or dogs, you know that your friendly furry pet has a unique scent. Without regular bathing, your indoor environment will start to get that “wet dog smell”.
  • We do not use enzymes like most pet odour removal services use. We use a vaporous fog system, along with an electrostatic spray system to completely remove that pet smell from your indoor environment.
  • The foul smell from your pet is NOT only in your carpet, it’s in your walls, hard surface floors, HVAC duct system, furniture, etc.
  • At Odour Pros, we use a system that is totally different than any other system in the pet odour removal industry.

Wet Dog Odour

What the heck is “wet dog smell”. Dogs do not sweat like humans sweat. Dogs perspire from their paws, and they also sweat from their hair follicle, which has a scent that is individual to each and every dog. They also produce an oil, that has a strong smell as well. These odours permeate the entire indoor living areas. With the humid air the smell is escalated.

Did you know that microorganisms live in dogs hair and it is the biggest source of the wet dog smell? These microorganisms produce Volatile Organic Compounds which create that awful pet odour smell. Add moisture and evaporation and the nasty smell increases.

Our Pet Odour Elimination System Guarantees Success

At Odour Pros, we have a system for removing any odour you can imagine quicker and for less money than most other pet odour elimination systems used by other odour removal companies. There is a reason why our costumers think our advanced vapor system is the best they have ever smelled.

Often, the cat and dog  urine contamination is not just on the top layer of the carpet as illustrated in the photo below.


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DIY Pet Odour Removal Video

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I’m so happy that I decided to go with Odour Pros to get the smoke smell out of the condo I recently purchased. The team went above and beyond at every step and was wonderful to work with. I was so impressed with her and how conscientious they are in making sure the smell is 100% gone (and it is). I really couldn’t recommend Odour Pros more! – Rayner M

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