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100% Guaranteed Skunk Odour Removal

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100% Guaranteed Skunk Odour Removal

Skunk Odour Removal

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Why Choose Odour Removal Pro

Why Choose Odour Removal Pro

We Have a Skunk Odour Removal Process That Is Unlike Any Other System. 

It Costs You Nothing If We Cannot Remove the Skunk Odour

Did you like the skunk odour removal video at the top of the page?  We have a skunk odour removal process that is unlike any other system that we know of. Our system does not require you to have your furniture or clothes cleaned as our competitors do which saves you a ton of money.  We are part of a select group of professional odour removal companies throughout the nation using the Technologically Advanced Vapor System™, which totally removes all evidence of skunk smell in your home or business quickly.

Skunks Have Two Glands That Release A Spray

Skunks have an unbelievably bad reputation for being the worst smelling of all the animal kingdom. Skunks have anal scent glands that are the most developed of all the animal kingdom. We can eliminate any degree of skunk odour from your indoor property, quickly and easily.

There is quite a bit of chemistry involved with Skunk Musk Smell

There is quite a bit of chemistry involved with Skunk musk. Thiols are in this composition – which is also found in garlic and in onions, add to that a carbon atom which makes it disperse through the air so easily and absorb into just about everything in a home or vehicle. Adding water to this chemical composition of musk is going to aggravate the situation and make the odour more pungent.

Our TAVS™ vapor treatment process Quickly oxidizes and changes the composition of this Skunk musk odour that has entered your property either by air or by physical contact from the family pet brushing up against / transferring it onto carpeting, furnishings, and walls in the home.

This process works great for homes or businesses and vehicles. This product can be sprayed in liquid form onto a vehicle or exterior of the home and even onto the ground to neutralize any remaining odour. WE CAN ALSO HELP REMOVE THE FOUL SKUNK ODOUR FROM YOUR BEST FRIEND THE FAMILY DOG…

It Costs You Nothing If We Cannot Remove the Skunk Odour

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100% Guaranteed Odour Removal

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I’m so happy that I decided to go with Odour Pros to get the smoke smell out of the condo I recently purchased. The team went above and beyond at every step and was wonderful to work with. I was so impressed with her and how conscientious they are in making sure the smell is 100% gone (and it is). I really couldn’t recommend Odour Pros more! – Rayner M

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